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We have new rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff:
  • Masks are required to enter into the boutique.
  • You need a booked appointment to enter the boutique.  This includes walk-in retail purchases as well as all services.
  • The doors are locked at all times so you will need to call (705)523-1485 for us to welcome you in.
  • We ask that you limit the number of personal items you bring in with you. We suggest only the necessities such as mask, phone, and method of payment.
We accept all major credit cards, cash and gift cards purchased through our Beauty Boutique.

Giving Back

We take great interest in giving back to the communities, we serve and support many charities within our community, especially those centered around the Sudbury Kinsmen Club! We at Never Say Never are proud to be sponsors/volunteers of the Kinsman Club; a wonderful and truly giving organization that helps local charities and other organizations/projects around our community. That’s why we continue to volunteer/sponsor year after year.