Project Description

Atache Cosmetics

The skin is a vital organ in direct contact with the environment, that acts as a natural barrier, and protects our organisms from external aggression.

The progressive degradation of the environment provokes a continuous effect of external agents such as pollution, cigarette smoke, and ultraviolet radiation, that generates Free Radicals.

The ageing of the skin occurs when there is an imbalance between the process’ that produces “ Free Radicals” and the ones that generate antioxidant substances that are able to reduce these effects.

The skin, while trying to neutralize these aggressions, does not always have the necessary natural resources, and can’t develop new defence mechanisms at the same pace as the environmental conditions cause this deterioration.

We must take into consideration that it takes thousands of years for the human organism to adapt to a new environment that, on the other hand, is changing often.

Therefore, 21st Century Cosmetology has to solve the double danger of the harmful effects of the environment, and the formation of Free Radicals.