Project Description


For All Skin Types – For Every Age Group

Based on CoEnzymeQ10, also known as Ubiquinone, UniQ10ue Cell Cosmetic’s ®, without a doubt are truly Unique.   CoQ10is the most important substance that contributes to the preservation and activity of the human cells.  Its ability to interact with the  “power house ” of the cell, known as the Mitochondrion, in order to produce cellular energy; ATP ’s, without which the cell can’t function and will die.  The importance of CoQ10’spowerful anti-oxidant effects, in anti-ageing of the cell, has been known for more than a decade, but until now, without the appropriate technology, was a difficult substance to incorporate into a topical formulation.  With New Scientific Technology, UniQ10ue® has made it possible to formulate aCoQ10product that can be delivered and accepted into every part of the skin’s epidermal layers.